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Revive Dry Mask

Revive Dry Mask

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Just add water. Yes it's that easy!

This mask is great for dry skin to renew your skin and replenish moisture. Filled with skin loving ingredients.

Kaolin Clay - Extracts impurities and gently removes dead cells. Reduces the sign of wrinkles, tone and tighten skin. Also reduces skin irritation from bug bites, rashes and poison ivy. 

Coconut Milk - High levels of Vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. High protein and fatty acids hydrates skin.

Honey - Nourishes damaged skin, reduces the appearance of scars and clarifies the skin. 

Oats - Gentle exfoliates. 

Orange Essential Oil - Mood enhancer, uplifting and relaxing. Aids in skin regeneration from scars, promotes clarity and radiance. 

** 2 oz