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Turmeric Dry Mask

Turmeric Dry Mask

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Just add water. Yes it's that easy!

The combination of both clays makes it strong enough for oily skin but gentle enough for combination skin. Turmeric polishes skin and reduces the appearance of scars and sun spots. 

Bentonite Clay & Kaolin Clay - absorbs oil, extracts impurities, treats acne breakouts.

Turmeric - Revives the skin and brings out natural glow. Target pores, reduces scaring and calms skin.

Coconut Milk - High levels of Vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. High protein and fatty acids hydrates skin.

Honey - Nourishes damaged skin, reduces the appearance of scars and clarifies  the skin.

Oats - Gentle exfoliates 

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Targets acne, anti-fungal and soothes inflammation. 

** 2 oz